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A Little About Us

Just like anything else- prices in the wedding entertainment industry can vary from company to company. Ultimately- you’ll have to find that perfect synergy between your budget, the talent you desire, and also the general feel and energy of any company or individual you are entrusting with this responsibility.

Any company charging on the higher end of the spectrum should have a respectable amount of online reviews (via Wedding Wire or The Knot), an attractive and well organized website, and high quality videos and photos to demonstrate and back up their services and higher prices.

We are a service business, and although many companies in our industry may claim to provide services that have similar titles- if you do some homework, you soon will discover that there is a difference and cost for all these that will vary from company to company based on the quality, experience, & attention to detail invested into each presentation.

Spinners 4 Hour MC/DJ pricing ranges from $1350-$2250 and these prices are based on each host’s demand and calendar availability.

Ask us about any winter incentives that take place between the months of December and March. We also offer incentive pricing on weddings held Monday thru Thursday.

If budget limitations restrict you from selecting one of our hosts or live acts it doesn’t hurt to share your actual budget with us and we are happy to provide a few options and scenarios that are possible.

Just talk to us! We are honored to be considered for your wedding entertainment and looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about anything. We are determined to make this process easy and fun for you.

-Jay Della Valle,