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If you are tired of the same old formula, then Spinners Entertainment, based in New Jersey, is for you! We operate on the fringe. That last stop on the map before, “We can’t do that at our wedding, can we?”. We like to think of ourselves as the facilitators of ingenuity and you and your fiancée are the architects. Let’s work together to think big, dream unique and come up with a combination of the two that fits the vision in your mind and the vibe in your hearts. Let us take your enthusiasm and your excitement, bottle it up and channel into it into what we do best…

At Spinners Entertainment, it’s All About The Energy.
It’s the talent and personnel that set one company apart from the next. Choose your entertainment based on the energy, personality, and style that gets you excited. This is the one thing that will change completely from company to company as you do your research.

Top-Rated Wedding Ceremony Entertainment in NJ

Let’s Figure Out what kind of wedding entertainment would get you excited

Our pricing is all-inclusive. This means that taxes, insurance, personnel, equipment, and transportation are included with no hidden fees.

Packages are priced according to the combination of core services provided. We understand that no two packages are identical, so think of these as a starting point that you’ll customize as you assemble and cultivate the perfect wedding ceremony entertainment experience for your event!

Prices for our most popular entertainment packages are going to range from $1500 (4 Hours) to $3500 (6 Hours) depending on the service and the entertainer. We’re happy to email you a more descriptive breakdown of our pricing and packages once we have some basic and necessary information regarding your event.

If what you want is outside of your budget, don’t run away! We have various BUDGET AND EXTREME DISCOUNT OPTIONS.

  • Are you having your event between 1/1 and 3/31?
  • Is your event on a weekday? (excluding December)
  • Are you ok with reserving all your services with us, but with us waiting to assign your MC/DJ 8 weeks before your event date?

These are circumstances that could get you a significant discount on any of our services. Please let us know and we will take these variables into consideration in a way that can save you substantially.

Entertainment is more than just what music is played and when. Regardless of the package, you’re investing in talented, experienced wedding and event professionals that work gracefully with the venue staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You’re in safe hands with us.

1. Contact Us – Fill out our quick and easy online form. We will check our availability and send you a rough quote. Ask us questions! The more we know about the type of event you’re planning and services that you’re interested in, the more detailed we can be in our response.

2. See Us Live – To save you from becoming a bonafide party or wedding crasher, Spinners Entertainment hosts regular Showcases, both online and in person! We will show you variations of our most popular packages and answer your questions right on the spot, either through a live chat or a good old face-to-face conversation. Upcoming Live events are listed on our Live Events page.

3. Place a Deposit – If you like what you see, you can reserve the talent and assets required for your date by placing a 50% deposit. Payment is made by credit card through a secure link that we send via email.

4. Planning – We are coordination experts and can be your most valuable resource when it comes to integrating an entertainment package into the bigger picture and nailing the vibe you’re after. If you need referrals to Photographers, Videographers, Florists, Event Planners or Day-Of Coordinators, we’ve got you covered.

5. Confirmation – In the time leading up to your event, we’ll be in touch with you to dive into all of the specific details – from introductions to music choices – making sure everything is absolutely perfect.

6. On The Day – You can breathe a sigh of relief! There will be no loose ends or questions left unanswered. You’re in the hands of consummate professionals. Simply, bask in the excitement of the day and have an incredible time!

Wedding Cinematography

Your wedding day is the most memorable and monumental event in your life. While the day itself may only last a short time, we understand that you’ve invested an incredible amount of thought and care in it by choosing the perfect dress, flowers, venue, and decorations to make it a magical one that you’ll want to relive over and over again. Choosing a videographer to capture these moments in real time is the perfect way to relive this day forever. That’s where we come in! With our experience and impeccable attention to detail and using our cultivated skills as cinematic storytellers, we are committed to capturing the story and energy of your wedding day so that you can remember it forever.

A sweetheart at intimate Rustic and Barn Weddings throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Montreal, Southern Florida and California, our Cinematic Videographers are requested by some of the most prestigious and established venues and event planning professionals in the business. Please ask us any questions you may have and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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