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Your wedding will likely be one of the biggest celebrations that you will ever throw in your lifetime. Getting married is a big deal which means most of your family and friends will be in attendance. Chances are that between you and your spouse, you have some solid ideas when it comes to things like the guest list, what you will be wearing, and the color of the dresses and suits for the bridal party. 

Wedding entertainment, however, is often one of the harder things to settle on—though you likely have a list of will-nots and for-sures. Music taste can be all over the board, but it is undoubtedly true that it is something that people have strong opinions about. Most couples love the idea of a live wedding band but have no idea where to start. With the internet at your fingertips, you will end up with an overwhelming amount of options, which could lead to a bit of analysis paralysis.


What to Consider When Searching for Wedding Entertainment Services


Choosing the entertainment for your wedding is a big decision. For starters, the reception is usually what participants and attendees alike will remember. While the elegance of the wedding ceremony itself is not something to be brushed aside, everyone will remember the after party where memories are made in celebration and the guests take on a more active role in the festivities. Let’s be realistic: no one is planning on catering to your Uncle John’s Weird Al obsession, and not every couple is dreaming of a Swiftie  playlist for their special day.

While we all have certain genres that we lean into more than others, it is vital to play to the crowd and not pigeonhole your wedding entertainment into a narrow selection. It can be tricky when you want to hire a live band, as musicians typically lean into specific genres. But there is an attractive alternative that can provide both the energy brought to the table by live performers and the flexibility of an eclectic music selection: wedding band and DJ hybrid performers!

Why Choose a Wedding Band/DJ Hybrid Over Traditional Wedding Entertainment?

There are several benefits to booking a wedding band/DJ hybrid entertainer for your reception. The live band still shows up but is accompanied by a professional DJ. The wedding band will bring its contagious live entertainment energy along with instrumentals and put on a show just like a traditional wedding band does—playing the music that they know best. The DJ can step in and fill in the gaps, taking requests from guests and bringing more variety to the party.

Having a DJ alongside the live band at your wedding will allow for a more versatile set list. The DJ allows the live band to take breaks without interruption to the party and keeps the music going. They can take requests, and a good DJ knows how to properly MC an event and elevate the energy of the crowd. Your guests will get the best of both worlds.

Are You Looking for Wedding Entertainment in New Jersey or New York? 

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