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Wedding planning can be hectic, and it is easy to get lost in the weeds when it comes to all the little details. There are a lot of ins and a lot of outs when it comes to pulling off a celebration of this magnitude.

Between catering, invitations, the guest list, the venue, the seating chart, etc.—there are many things to consider when planning your big day. And aside from the main ceremony and food and beverages, wedding entertainment for the reception can set the tone of your party.

The Importance of the Right Vibe

When you are looking to book wedding entertainment, you will want to make sure to explore your options and do a little research to find a good fit. 

The entertainment that you book for your wedding can make or break your reception. If the band you have booked completely bombs, you and your guests’ experience could be colored by that moment. The music can set a tone for your celebration and should elevate the party and not bring it down.

What Kind of Music You Prefer

You probably also have some considerations in terms of the type of music you want to listen to at your reception. You will want to cater to your preferences and try to find musical talent that plays the style of music that you are into.

Hiring a wedding band alone will end up pigeonholing your party into the setlist that the band is comfortable in. A wedding band and DJ combo can provide a more comprehensive music selection if you want more variety. So, if you and your guests want to dance to the 90s alternatives classics, 80s music, new-school indie dance music, and hip hop, hiring a wedding band and DJ combo can give you that range.

How Does This Work?

When you choose to hire a wedding band and DJ in tandem to perform at your wedding reception, you will be getting the best of both worlds. The bottom line is that you will get a better selection of music for your big party.

Bands are limited by what they know how to play. Typically, they will lean towards a particular style or genre of music. While some live performers boast an extensive range and more eclectic selection of songs and artists, most of the time, hiring a stand-alone band can be limiting. Hiring a wedding band/DJ combo changes the game. The DJ can complement the band and cater to the crowd, bringing a different energy and life to your reception.

Located in New York and Looking for Wedding Entertainment? 

Spinners Entertainment specializes in catering to fans of all different genres. Pairing live music with a DJ creates a highly customizable hybrid experience that will delight your guests and allow for more flexibility. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.