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Are you getting married in the Garden State? Planning a wedding can be totally stressful. There are always a lot of ins and outs and what-have-yous in the process. Giving yourself ample time to get the details squared away is essential.

From the venue and its availability to catering and guests’ dietary considerations to booking a wedding band in New Jersey for your reception, hashing out the details sooner rather than later will ensure that your wedding is everything you have dreamed of (and more).

The Importance of Picking the Right Entertainment

While you might be lost in the weeds of planning the details of the ceremony, finding the right live entertainment for your wedding is equally as important as picking the proper table settings and flower arrangements to match your base aesthetic, and making sure that Aunt Linda does not sit next to Uncle Frank since the great string cheese incident of 2014.

The wedding band you choose to perform at your reception can make or break the after-party. Picking the right entertainment for your reception will energize your guests and keep the celebration going. Of course, you will likely want to cater to your music preferences, but you will also want to consider your guests.

Finding the Right Wedding Band in New Jersey

If you are searching for a wedding band in NJ, it is a brilliant idea to find a band that does not pigeonhole the party into a singular genre of music. Many bands will stick to one genre—whether that is classic rock or something more contemporary, or they specialize in singer-songwriter covers; it is hard for a live band to master all genres. 

If you are looking for more variety—hip-hop, electronic, indie, country, and anything in between—you should consider the alternatives. Booking a hybrid wedding band/DJ combo can provide a wide range of song selections.

What is a DJ/Wedding Band Hybrid?

You might wonder, “What exactly is a DJ/wedding band hybrid?” Booking hybrid wedding entertainment will provide variety because it combines the performance of a live band with a DJ. There is indeed nothing quite like a live musical performance, but adding a DJ into the mix can help take some of the pressure off of the band.

A DJ can take requests from you and your wedding guests, and a next-level DJ can act as an MC, bringing added value and helping to energize the crowd and keep things rolling into the night. Hiring a DJ/wedding band hybrid act to perform at your reception will allow for a level of flexibility that a live band on its own cannot hope to match.

Planning a wedding in the great state of New Jersey and interested in learning more about hybrid wedding entertainment? Spinners Entertainment is a locally owned and operated group of musicians and DJs specializing in wedding performances. Schedule a call with us today to learn more!