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If you are planning a wedding in the Garden State, there are many details to consider and research. From big decisions like the wedding dress and venue to the little details like table settings and party favors, there is a reason why many couples take their time when planning their special day and getting a wedding band in NJ.

Another massive consideration in wedding planning is the reception. Regardless of whether you have your ceremony and reception in the same location or not, there are a host of essential things to consider for the celebration—and one of the big things that can drive the mood of your entire party is the music.

Choosing the Right Music to Keep the Celebration Going

Engaged couples planning their special days have a lot to consider, and depending on the couple, wedding entertainment and live music is serious business. Most folks want their party to be popping and the vibes to be immaculate. 

Odds are that the musical tastes of your guest list are all over the board. One of the big things about bridging that gap and making your reception a success requires some consideration. Obviously, we do not want to touch topics like Uncle Lester’s fondness for bagpipes and old sea shanties or catering to your brother’s kids’ newest K-Pop obsession (unless you are totally into those things). Live bands are limited to what they know, which might have you worried that you might be pigeonholing the music selection. But—there is another solution.

The Search for the Best Wedding Entertainment in New Jersey

Once you have your first set of bands picked out—apologies for the lousy ring joke, the task of finding the best wedding band in New Jersey may seem daunting. How many bad demo taps will you and your partner have to suffer through to find the one? 

Have you considered hiring for a hybrid wedding band and DJ performance? What is hybrid entertainment? It is a blend between a traditional wedding band playing live music and a DJ who is set up to keep the party going when the band needs a break. Having a DJ to break up the live music and act as an MC can provide an added layer to your reception. DJs can also take requests from the bride, groom, and guests. This allows for a broader range of music outside of what the live band knows.

Browse Customer Reviews for the Good and Bad

When you initially dip your toe into the search for the best wedding band in NJ, you will come up with a list of local entertainers. It is important to do a little investigation into what others are saying about the entertainers that you are considering hiring. Customer reviews are typically worth considering and can provide both green and red flags when it comes to hiring out for wedding bands and entertainment.

Are other couples generally happy with the entertainment provided—are the reviews overwhelmingly positive? Were the musicians professional? How was the sound? There are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to delivering a good performance. You will want to be sure that the wedding performers you are hiring are legitimate and up for the task. For this reason, it is wise to do your due diligence. Not everyone wants an Alexis Arquette impersonator MCing their reception. 

Looking for Quality Wedding Performers in New Jersey?

If you want to book wedding entertainment in New Jersey, Spinners Entertainment boasts a reputable group of live musicians and DJs specializing in hybrid wedding entertainment. Our musicians are professionals and  will work with you to ensure that your reception entertainment caters to your crowd.

With 20 years of live entertainment expertise and a singer/songwriter/acoustic foundation, Spinners Entertainment’s reputation as a top-rated wedding band and DJ service in New Jersey speaks for itself. Are you interested in learning more?  Schedule a call with us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!