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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Music for Teen Events

From sports to fashion themes and everything in between, let us help you create the ultimate Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, or Prom experience! Our boutique approach to these types of events helps us stand out among the factory-like entertainment companies that tend to be predictable and impersonal in their approach and style. We take the time to understand your vision and make it memorable. Don’t just take our word for it! With over 2005+ online reviews and 20 years in business, we rely heavily on word of mouth. We hope that you can gain a sense of trust for us as you read what past clients have to say and tune into the always- current pulse of our company through our various social media channels.

The best kinds of events are achieved through collaborations by YOU the client and vendors who care about what they are doing and the services they are providing. There are so many details and conversations leading up to an event. You are spending a lot of money and your return is a smooth un-stressful event that your child and special guests have thoroughly enjoyed and will be able to satisfyingly reminisce and look back upon for years to come. Sometimes things can be stressful when planning an event, especially when there are several “cooks in the kitchen” and various people making decisions. When it comes to entertainment, invest in a company or entertainer who makes it easy for you to sit back and enjoy yourself. Your family should have a vision for your event that can be shared and described to anyone you hire to be involved. Once we understand this, we can make suggestions on how you can achieve an entertainment scenario that gets your family excited AND propose different ways it can be achieved within your budget.

In addition to masterful MC’s and DJ’s, we offer a variety of enhancements that can elevate the occasion, such as Magic Mirror, Gifffy Photo Station, Intelligent LED Room Lighting, LED Stages, Décor, Plasma Screens, Custom Step and Repeat Banners, Monograms, Party Motivators, Photography, Videography, Celebrity Appearances and more. Please see the full list of our enhancements here.

There is a reason why Jay Della Valle and his staff of experienced Bar/Bat Mitzvah music entertainers are requested to perform at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs at some of the most prestigious and well-known venues in New Jersey, New York, Southern California, & Montreal. Some of the most established event planners in the industry exclusively recommend MC Jay Della Valle.

See his videos below and engage with him on Social Media.

Our Standard Bar/Bat Mitzvah Music Package Comes With:
  • Professional Interactive MC (gauges appropriate energy level for every crowd)
  • Professional DJ (to curate and blend the best and most diverse selection of music)
  • Interactive Party Motivator/Dancer (Always tasteful and professional)
  • Assorted Party Favors
  • Music & Entertainment for up to 5 Hours. (Includes Interactive Cocktail Hour)
Other Popular Interactive Mitzvah Services:
  • Magic Mirror Photo Booth
  • Plasma Screens / Zap Shots / Ambient Video / Custom Graphics
  • Projection Screen for Custom Slideshow
  • LED Uplighting & Automated Dance Floor Lighting
  • Custom Monograms / Floor Decals
  • Co2 Canons / Guns
  • Confetti Canons / Sparklers
  • Breakdancers
  • Centerpieces & Theme Coordination
  • LED Staging / Dance Platforms
  • Variety Acts
  • Always personalized service utilizing our cultivated industry relationships

Mitzvah Videos

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