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Sandro Winand

MC | DJ | Singer | Guitarist

Sandro Winand

Meet the life of the party, Sandro Winand! At the ripe age of 22, this dynamo has been rocking the entertainment scene since he was 16 – and trust us, he’s got more beats than your favorite coffee shop playlist!

Sandro isn’t just your run-of-the-mill DJ; he’s a musical chameleon with talents that’ll make your event unforgettable. He has acoustic guitar serenades that could rival Ed Sheeran, soulful vocals reminiscent of Shawn Mendes, and piano performances that will transport you from pop hits to classical wonders with an Italian twist.

But that’s not all – he’s not just a virtuoso on strings and keys. Sandro’s MC skills are so smooth you’ll think he invented the word ‘charisma.’ And with fluency in Italian, he can sprinkle some linguistic amore into your event that’ll have your guests saying “Bellissimo!”

Sandro is your guy whether you’re throwing a Communion, Graduation Party, Birthday bash, Sweet 16 extravaganza, or a town event that needs a serious vibe upgrade. He’s the musical wizard who can strum and sing during dinners, enchanting guests and seamlessly transitioning into DJ mode when it’s time to hit the dance floor.

Beyond his musical prowess, what really sets Sandro apart is his infectious positivity and kind demeanor. He doesn’t just play music; he crafts an experience that leaves everyone with a smile as wide as the dance floor. You won’t just be hiring a DJ; you’ll be bringing in a mood maestro and a happiness curator.

So, if you want your event to be the talk of the town, look no further than Sandro Winand. Your party deserves the magic touch, and Sandro is here to turn your celebration into a symphony of memories.