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Nicco Direnzi

MC | DJ | Vocalist | Entertainer

Nicco Direnzi

Some people just have that special kind of raw entertainer talent in their blood. Over time and with the right people around you, that blood is nurtured and exercised. Eventually, you come into your own as a refined and impressive manifestation of skills honed and practiced with intention and passion. This is the story of Nicco DiRenzi. MC, DJ, Singer, and Rapper- he is a quadruple threat who performs all the time as a DJ/MC and a singer in party bands.

Nicco is often booked within a DJ/Band Hybrid scenario which features him singing R&B with his father George DiRenzi, who had a recording contract with Arista in the 90s and also won “Showtime at the Apollo.” Together, they blend heart-melting harmonies, gentle acoustic style raps, and sing the ultra-sexy favorites covering artists like Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Usher and Ne-Yo.

Nicco is then your MC/DJ at your reception and can then continue to croon and sing for guests during dinner. It’s an outstanding and impressive combination of talents. Clients often add a Percussionist and Saxophone to his packages which absolutely takes things to the next level. They have quickly become one of our top DJ/Band Hybrid options.

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