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Dj Ollie

MC/DJ and Award-Winning Turntablist Oliver Santa Maria (aka DJ Ollie) has been cultivating his skills as a DJ/Entertainer for over 15 years. Ollie’s experience spinning for diverse crowds has shaped his “Open Format Style” of DJing to be well-rounded enough to service ANY kind event. His MC style is much like his personality, self-assured and focused, while loose enough to allow his charm and sense of humor to shine through any of the formalities he facilitates at an event.

Throughout the years, Ollie has worked as a resident DJ in numerous venues and famous NYC nightclubs. Often labeled a “Celebrity DJ,” his Corporate Event client list includes some of the most prominent companies in the world. He predominantly works throughout the New Jersey and New York areas as both a DJ and MC at Weddings and Corporate Events.

Ollie is a full-time DJ/MC and we find this is important to mention because when you are lucky enough to do something in the creative field “full time” with no distraction from another type of unrelated career, you end up pouring all of that heart and soul into “that thing.” In his top-selling book, “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell presents a principle that holds that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become “world-class” in any field. Although a certain degree of “un-practicable talent” and natural skill and soul enable certain people to be legends at what they do, we agree with Malcolm and recognize that Ollie has surely achieved this level of experience in his craft.

“When you do something that much and for so long, you care about it at the highest level and it becomes your identity, says Ollie.” In order, to “not practice” and get better is to be failing at life. To have to get another job other than DJ is not an option for this man. He loves DJing, MCing, and being an event coordinator at the helm of any entertainment scenario. His drive and motivation to share his talents and experiences through the art of Music & Turntablism have made him one of the most sought-after and in-demand DJ/MCs at Spinners Entertainment.

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