DJ Monopoli

Dan Monopoli is a New Jersey/New York City-based DJ and Entertainer with a signature style that stems from the art of turntablism. He lives and breathes the life of a professional DJ, constantly practicing and developing his craft in front of diverse crowds each and every week. While most of these professional DJ’s end up chasing trends and falling into one category or another, DJ Monopoli strives to be unique, versatile and prides himself on his product and the ability to adapt to any environment – after all, it’s all about the client. This philosophy has allowed him to develop a very distinct, open-format style that showcases many different generations and genres of music, all within the same performance. He understands his audience and instinctively knows how to play the right song at the right time for audiences of all ages.

Skill and talent will only advance you so far. It’s only one part of the equation! What sets DJ Monopoli apart from his peers is his friendly demeanor, contagious energy, and charisma. He conducts himself as a consummate professional at all times. He is a true representative of his client’s excellent taste and a living example of why they put their trust in him for their event. These attributes have allowed him to build an extensive resume of over 500+ weddings throughout New Jersey and New York and over 150+ nightlife venues, ranging from New York City to Las Vegas. This killer combination has also transformed Monopoli into one of the most sought-after DJ’s for corporate giants such as Royal Caribbean, Salesforce, Swarovski, Steve Madden and Saks Fifth Avenue. An avid sports fan as well, he is also on call as a DJ for the Brooklyn Nets and New York Jets.

Monopoli’s vast music knowledge, refined style, and infectious personality also make him an incredible MC. An event professional with over 500 weddings under his belt, there is no question why clients continue to refer and request him time and time again.

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