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Healing Through Music

Embracing a heartwarming shift in the way we commemorate the lives of our loved ones, the past decade has seen the evolution of the traditional funeral repast into something truly special, the Celebration of Life. These gatherings, occurring after the funeral, offer solace as family and friends convene in the comforting ambiance of a restaurant or a home. Together, they share not only a meal but also stories that pay tribute to the dearly departed.

While funerals are undeniably somber occasions, the Celebration of Life introduces a sacred space where grief transforms into collective strength, fostering a sense of joy through shared connections and, with any luck, contributing to the healing process for both the family and the community. Music is a healing force that can provide a gentle soundscape and backdrop to transform an otherwise somber gathering into a commemorative occasion that celebrates the lives of our loved ones.

In this spirit of celebration, allow Owls & Lions to lend a touch of grace to your loved one’s event. Music, as a universal language, has the power to liberate the spirit, providing a gentle and purposeful backdrop for the sharing of vulnerabilities and the expression of love. Our commitment is to contribute respectfully meaningful music, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the essence of your cherished memories, and hold impeccable space by imbuing the performance with softness and compassion.

Owls and Lions, with their acoustic renditions, featuring guitar, violin, and the harmonious vocals of Nicole DeLoi and Jay Della Valle, deliver a soulful journey through nostalgic and classic songs spanning the decades—from the ’60s to today—encompassing nearly every genre. Their combined talents and compassionate presence ensure the perfect vibe, never overpowering or inappropriate, but always in tune with the solemn yet celebratory atmosphere of the occasion.

We would be truly honored if you would consider Owls & Lions for a musical experience that goes beyond the notes—a heartfelt contribution to the Celebration of Life for your cherished one.

Beautiful Music to Unite, Heal & Celebrate Your Loved One

Common Inquiries

How do I book you for my loved one's event?

To begin the process of hiring us, start by watching our video to get a sense of our energy and talents, ensuring it resonates with what you envision for your special day. If you feel that connection, simply reach out via text or call with your preferred date, and we’ll promptly confirm availability and discuss pricing. If you’d like to chat beforehand, we’re more than happy to schedule a call to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our aim is to keep this process easy and stress-free, recognizing that you already have plenty on your plate. We’re here to make the music aspect of your event personal, authentic, and truly meaningful. While we acknowledge the sadness and grief inherent in the occasion, our focus is on celebrating, commemorating, and finding solace through joy and remembrance.

What is your range of travel?

We primarily serve the NJ/NY Metro area, with our base located in Bergen & Sussex County. While we prefer to keep our services within this region, we’re open to traveling further if needed. For locations beyond an hour’s travel time, a modest travel fee would apply.

Who are Owls & Lions?

Owls & Lions, a guitar-violin duo, comprises Jay Della Valle and Nicole DeLoi, who have collaborated on music for more than ten years. As they have encountered personal losses, including the passing of their fathers, their focus has shifted towards offering solace and healing through their music. They are also dedicated to learning how to provide support and comfort to individuals with terminal illnesses and their loved ones, which is why they are pursuing death doula training. Nicole and Jay are deeply committed to this endeavor, viewing it as a privilege to assist families during such delicate moments.

What type of music do you play?

Our music selections for Celebration of Life services blend cherished classics from the great American songbook with contemporary easy-listening tunes from indie, alternative, rock, and pop artists. These choices reflect themes of love, life, inspiration, praise, family, and healing, aiming to uplift spirits and foster a sense of togetherness. We understand that each group may have unique preferences, and we’re dedicated to accommodating those desires. Our goal is not to play somber or mournful music typically heard at traditional funerals, but rather to provide a soundtrack that underscores unity, love, and the journey toward healing.