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The Honey Badgers

“Weaving their voices together over driving guitar, wistful violin, and punchy harmonica, The Honey Badgers spin stories and songs about finding yourself, finding each other, and finding your way in the world.”

The Honey Badgers are a NJ/Delaware-based contemporary folk duo bringing their distinctive harmonies and sincere Americana sound to weddings, events and stages across the east coast.

When Michael Natrin asked Erin Magnin to dust off her rarely played fiddle and join him for a couple of songs at a local showcase, the two never imagined they were creating a musical partnership that would continue far into the future. Playfully calling themselves“The Honey Badgers” more to make themselves chuckle than to make a statement, the two discovered chemistry between their voices that demanded to be heard, and thus the duo emerged.

The Honey Badgers’ folk/Americana sound has been likened to that of The Civil Wars and The Swell Season. They are known for their intense, unique harmonies, their sincere lyrics and melodies, and their undeniable onstage chemistry. Weaving their voices together over driving guitar, lonesome violin and harmonica, The Honey Badgers create a sound that is heartfelt, thoughtful, and satisfying.

Spinners is extremely proud to offer The Honey Badgers as both a “one of a kind” acoustic experience ideal for Ceremony/Cocktail Hours AND as part of a signature DJ/Band Hybrid full-service entertainment experience.

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Guitar and Violin SonglistVocal Songlist

The Honey Badgers

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