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Live Saxophone

Few things rival the sound of an expertly played saxophone. Especially when the one doing the performing is not just a musician, but a skilled entertainer who knows how to work in tandem with a DJ.

For over a decade, Spinners has been pairing outstanding DJs with Live Saxophone. It undoubtedly brings the entertainment experience to a higher level, both energetically and aesthetically. Guests marvel at our performers as they often walk the room and riff over their favorite songs. As one of the most versatile instruments, the sax is special because it compliments and up levels almost every genre style of music. We often combine Sax and Percussion, which just continues to raise the bar and impress everyone in attendance.

Our musician add-on rates are typically based on 4 hour time frames. Many clients like to have the saxophonist perform during cocktail hour and then play the first 3 hours of their reception. Using the musician for both cocktails and reception gives you an opportunity to really take full advantage of the talent you are hiring for your special event.

Feel free to browse through our video collection to see examples of what some of our talented saxophone entertainers look and sound like.

Saxophone in Action

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