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Electric Violin

Electric Violin

Adding violin, either acoustic or electric, can be a beautiful and exciting enhancement to any type of event. Spinners Entertainment most often books acoustic or electric violin for ceremonies and cocktail hours. Depending on your preferences, the violin can perform solo or paired with other stringed instruments to create duos, trios, and quartets. In each of these configurations, you will have the ability to choose from classical music pieces to renditions of top 40 hits that span genres and decades. During wedding receptions and events with a DJ, an electric violinist can accompany the DJ during dance sets to create an immersive and visually exciting musical experience for you and your guests. Our electric violinists use a wireless transmitter so that they have complete freedom to roam the event space or dance floor, allowing them to perform amongst your guests instead of from afar.

Skilled musicians are plentiful, but the really impressive musicians are also born entertainers. They have a natural charisma when playing their instrument as if it is an extension of themselves. They are fully aware of who they are and the effect that their performance can have on an audience. They transcend their craft in such a way that they become the performance. Our electric violinists can masterfully improvise over any music a DJ mixes during a dance set, giving them the ability to blend seamlessly into any style and any kind of event. Whether it’s Country Music, Russian, Israeli (or any type of ethnic music), or just riffing to the hottest contemporary dance or Top 40 tracks, electric violin always results in a jaw-dropping experience.

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