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Reliving the Sounds of the Best Decade of Music

Meet Aurora, the grooviest time-traveling soul squad that’s here to make your heartstrings sing, your feet tap, and your bell-bottoms flare!

Buckle up, because Aurora is not just a band – it’s a cosmic journey back to the golden era of the ’70s, where music was as free-spirited as the hair was long. Picture this: a caravan of vintage vibes, fueled by the magic of electric violin, keys that unlock the secrets of the universe, guitar riffs that could make a lava lamp jealous, bass lines that groove like a lava flow, and drums that thump with the heartbeat of a generation.

Inspired by the legendary Laurel Canyon sound and taking cues from the recent hit series Daisy Jones & the Six, Aurora is your passport to the sun-soaked beaches of PCH, where the melodies are as smooth as a California sunset and the harmonies are as sweet as a surfside breeze.

But who are the maestros behind this time-warping musical escapade? Enter a group of seasoned musicians, more like musical wizards, who not only share an unbreakable bond but also a passion for the sonic treasures of the ’70s. Their friendship isn’t just about sharing a stage; it’s a living testament to the enduring power of music to connect souls.

Together, they’ve set out to give today’s generation a taste of the magic that resonated through the speakers of the past. Picture Fleetwood Mac’s ethereal enchantment, Jackson Browne’s poetic prowess, Carole King’s heartfelt melodies, Tom Petty’s rebellious spirit, Eric Clapton’s guitar sorcery, and Heart’s powerhouse vocals – all woven into the rich tapestry of Aurora’s sound.

So, whether you’re a seasoned groover or a fresh-faced flower child, get ready to lose yourself in the time warp created by Aurora. The ’70s are back, baby, and this time, they’ve brought along some musical friends who know how to keep the good times rolling!

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Owls and Lions performed for a cocktail hour. People are still talking about the great music we had at our wedding party. Jay and Spinners Entertainment did a wonderful job making our special day so amazing. I would highly recommend them!

Cara and John

Jay really knows how to get the crowd going! He was so good at my sister's wedding ceremony last year that I booked him for mine. He has a beautiful voice and will sing during cocktail hour and/or dinner. I also booked the electric violist, Scott, who was just fantastic! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!


We are both in the industry so we had very high standards on our DJ and other vendors. Jay knocked it out of the park! We gave him the a vision of what we wanted in a DJ and he ran with it. Not only did he have the party going but also made sure to include all different types of genres of music to get others on the dance floor. He was flexible and we did not have to worry at all because he took care of everything. We also had Owls and Lions play at our ceremony/cocktail hour and our friends and family are still talking about it. We would highly recommend him over and over again!

Amanda and Peter

I was a DJ for 7 years and after our experience with Spinners, I would like to reimburse any of my previous customers, because they were far superior to any entertainment services that I have seen. To call them DJ's is an understatement because it doesn't mention how seamless they make the celebration through their lighting, MC's, ceremony music (live singing, acoustic guitar, violin).

Alyssa and Ben
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