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Spinners Entertainment can create an elegant Custom Monogram (also referred to as a “GOBO”) for your WeddingMitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, Teen or Corporate Event! We’ll work with you to design or incorporate an existing custom graphic with your initials, brand logo, short message, or the name of your event. The options are truly endless! If you are in the market for a colorful gobo or monogram, you’re in luck – we can do that too! Choose from 1-4 colors or full color – pricing options will vary as you add more colors. The Monogram can be featured almost anywhere in a venue or event space and on almost any flat surface. They are most often displayed on dance floors, walls and ceilings using a powerful discreet projector that produces a crystal clear image. Monogram size is dependent upon how far away the projector is from the wall or floor. For example, the closer it is, the smaller the image. Alternatively, the further away the projector from the wall or floor, the larger the image will be. For best results and the sharpest image possible, dim lighting is recommended!

In the photo examples included below, you can see many of the custom designs we have created for our clients as well as popular locations for the display. For the “Live At Sky” monogram, the New York City location had a large wall that we could project on. We also opted to use our Intelligent LED Uplighting to add color and character to the wall to really make the monogram stand out. If you’d like us to do something similar, please do not hesitate to ask. Custom Monograms are automatically added to our larger all-inclusive entertainment packages, but can be an a la carte enhancement or add-on even if you don’t have any other services booked with us.


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