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Lighting can instantly transform a space that might otherwise feel stale or outdated. In the hands of seasoned professionals, it can create a sense of space and dimension throughout the room and add to the energy and excitement during a dance set. Whatever your needs are, allow us to help you choose the right lighting technology that suits your event and achieves the ambiance and style that you’re after.

Intelligent Automated Lighting

Spinners Entertainment utilizes intelligent lighting systems which are entirely adjusted and programmed specifically for each event. Our trained professionals use lighting technology that is designed to emulate elegant mood lighting effects, breathtaking spotlights used during grand entrances and first dances, and high energy effects synced to music. With Intelligent Lighting, we have the ability to control the light fixture colors, patterns, speed, intensity, brightness, and can even calibrate the room to match your celebration colors.

Ambient LED Uplighting

Ambient LED Uplighting tastefully transforms the boundaries of your event space. The Ambient LED Uplighting is wirelessly controlled and can change throughout the party to accentuate and enhance portions of the evening, such as a high energy dance set.

Wash Lighting

Wash Lighting is most commonly used to spread light horizontally and downward over a large area from two sides, such as a stage. Spinners Entertainment can incorporate wash lighting with Live Performances from Bands, LED Stages, Corporate Panel Discussions and any area or situation that could benefit from flattering ambient lighting.


Feature your centerpieces or draw attention to a special arrangement with our elegant and precise Pinspotting service. Mounted high in the air, the non-intrusive rig holds an array of lightweight Pinspot Lights that we manually point at the individual centerpieces on each table. Most tables require two pinspots in order to properly illuminate the centerpiece from both sides.

Rezo Lights

Rezo Lights have quickly become one of our favorite additions for events with Live Musicians and DJ’s. With stunning 360 degree visibility, the intelligent LED tube lights run through an array of programs that pulse, fade, and dance to the music. They are set up vertically and often used in tandem with our LED Stages for a unique visual performance.

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