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Giant Boom Box

Every now and then we receive a phone call from a client asking about adding something special to his or her event that no one has ever seen before. Something that is sure to turn heads and take the words right out of their mouths upon first seeing it. Allow Spinners Entertainment to introduce you to our fully functional and one of a kind, Giant Old School Boom Box. That’s right. Fully functional!

The Giant Old School Boom Box has two high quality/high powered speakers built into the design. Having this audio playback capability allows us to provide several variations to a standard setup. First, the Boom Box can be setup as a stand-alone speaker system that is fully Bluetooth compatible – guests can play music directly from their phones if they do not want a DJ. Second, our DJ can setup in front of the Boom Box and use its internal speakers to play music throughout the event. Lastly, for outdoor venues or venues with high ceilings, our DJ can be ON TOP of the Boom Box and use the same internal speakers to play music. The Giant Boom Box is also equipped with LED lights that come alive and look amazing at night or indoors. With no details left out, it even comes with authentic looking antennas perched on top that can be hidden or fully extended at the client’s request. With a DJ spinning music or not, this Giant Old School Boom Box is available for high energy dance parties, mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, weddings, or as a unique means of playing great background music throughout any kind of event. Available as an add-on, we also offer the Custom Cassette Tape that can reflect any client’s name, brand, event, or occasion.

It is designed to fit through a standard 36-inch width doorway and requires a ceiling height of at least 12 feet for setup. To plan for enough space, please note the following dimensions:

34” Deep
14’ Long
107” with handle down
131” with handle up

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