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Wedding Band and DJ services in New Jersey and New York

Top Rated on Wedding Wire and The Knot for 2023

Happy you found us!! My name is Jay Della Valle and I believe that hiring the right entertainment service for your wedding or special event is responsible for the majority of fun anyone is going to have at your celebration. As a commercial DJ and Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist with over 20 years of experience, I have cultivated a unique approach to wedding and event entertainment services by incorporating live instrumentation as I DJ. This extremely niche DJ /Acoustic Hybrid style has helped my band Owls & Lions and me to gain local and national attention as leading event and Wedding DJ entertainers, particularly in New Jersey and New York. We have been rated as the top wedding band and DJ services in New Jersey for the past ten years!

Because of the success of Owls & Lions, my team and I have been able to build a division within Spinners that focuses on cultivating unique musical talent and then customizing dynamic entertainment packages that suit the needs and desires of clients who crave the extraordinary.

Even though we are based in Northern New Jersey, both myself and Owls & Lions have and will travel anywhere around the globe to accommodate the wishes of any client who is interested in having us perform.

We are known for our high energy celebrations, acoustic mash-up renditions and impressive performance song lists. We are often given the compliment that our performances feel less like a wedding band and more like the concerts of some of their favorite bands they like to see live. We believe that making it personal is the key to making it a special and memorable experience.

Jay Della Valle Playing Guitar

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DJing Meets Live Instrumentation

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Trusted Wedding Band and DJ services in New Jersey

There are reasons why clients book us and refer us to their friends and family time and time again. We make it personal. It’s really simple. We love what we do, we do it well, and we attract people that are convinced of this and want us involved in their special day. With over 2000+ Online Reviews, you only have to read a few to sense the authenticity. Click below to read our reviews.

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Exclusive Specials for New Jersey Based Clients!

Our local New Jersey-based clients can enjoy up to $250 off on Wedding Bands and DJ services.

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What Makes Us Different?

Every once in awhile we are asked this question and our response is: take a look! If you can’t tell by our videos, website, and online presence “what sets us apart”—we aren’t doing our job!

We take great care to capture and curate our online content to demonstrate the quality and uniqueness of what we do so that you can feel solid and excited about hiring us. Judge us on the overall, consistent vibration of we present online. We feel that it shows that we care and take pride in our work.